Effective Massage Therapy Techniques for Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief

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Do you often come home from work with nagging shoulder pain or a stiff neck? Neck and shoulder pain has been a prevailing problem for decades in people. When you hold the body in the same position for a long time, like sitting or standing, you are more likely to develop repetitive strain injury and pain.

Fortunately, searching for massage therapy near me and having a comfortable massage will help relieve neck and shoulder pain, bringing you relaxation and making your day-to-day routine more enjoyable! Scroll down to discover more about effective massage therapy techniques and how they help eliminate neck and shoulder pain.

Shoulder Pain Relief

6 Effective Massage Therapy Techniques to Release Neck and Shoulder 

A busy live schedule can put a big strain on your body, especially on your muscular and neural systems. Massage is one of the most effective approaches to protecting and relieving your neck. Here, we have put together the best massage therapy techniques for neck and shoulder pain relief in the long run.

  • Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a popular technique that implements long, gentle, and slow strokes and kneading massages. It is a relaxing technique that will help you combat stress and anxiety, which are primary causative factors that induce neck pain.

When you are stressed too much, you unconsciously contract the muscles of your neck and shoulder as a part of a flight or fight response. It will cause pain in the neck, back, and shoulders. Opting for the Swedish massage technique once every two weeks will increase blood circulation and ease pain.

  • Myofascial release

Myofascial release massage is another effective technique that focuses on relaxing the myofascial (a connective web-like tissue surrounding our muscles and muscle fibers by applying manual pressure. There are various ways to perform myofascial release, like using foam rollers or simply stretching the joints and muscles.

The therapist applies pressure on the tight or sore areas of your shoulder or neck to release the tension and get them to relax. Opting for Myofascial release on a periodic routine will improve circulation, reduce soreness, and assist in tissue recovery.

  • Hot stone massage

If you are looking for a stress-busting massage technique, there is nothing better than a hot stone massage to relax and unwind. It is known for its ability to soothe the body and mind using natural, flat stones and gentle oils.

The hot stone massage focuses on key spots in your body and improves the energy flow, helping recharge your soul and rebalance your body. It will ease muscle tension, improve blood circulation and enhance overall well-being.

  • Neuro-muscular therapy

Neuro-muscular therapy usually aids in relieving the cause of non-traumatic neck and shoulder pain/ the revolutionized technique in massage therapy eliminates stiff neck pain and frozen shoulder. It reduces muscle spasms and hypercontraction in the muscle tissues by correcting the imbalance in the muscle structures.

The technique precisely pinpoints the root source of pain, such as ischemic issues or the muscles lacking blood supply due to tightening muscles. Choosing to do this neuro-muscular therapy will restore the balance of your entire nervous and muscular systems, effectively relieving the pain.

  • Trigger point therapy

Trigger points are hyper-irritable spots that happen in the constricted muscles in your neck and shoulders. These tender spots will lead to local pain and dysfunction within the specific area. Trigger point therapy is an effective massage technique that relaxes the tightest areas of the body, improving the range of motion, alignment, and posture.

Regular sessions with trigger point therapy will help relieve the chronic point and also aids in restoring the performance of athletes from injuries and accidents.

  • Assisted stretch therapy

Chronic neck and shoulder pain can be treated and even prevented by implementing stretching. Assisted stretch therapy is a key part of injury rehabilitation that focuses on lengthening the muscles, which have shortened over time due to lack of activities and improper body mechanics.

Athletes or people who perform repetitive movements tend to suffer from injuries. To improve proper movement, they must incorporate stretching with a professional to lengthen the muscles around the joints and the extremities. While opting for stretching sessions for injury rehabilitation with a pro therapist, instill it as a part of your lifestyle at home. 

Wrapping up!

Neck and shoulder pain can interfere with how you live, which can be debilitating and annoying. If you enjoy learning how to relieve tension in your neck and shoulder muscles, you may want to consider chiropractor massage therapy.

Are you ready to give it a go? At Camelback Medical Centers, our skilled therapists will promote your well-being and keep neck and shoulder pain at bay. Our chiropractor massage therapy addresses every muscular pain that will allow you to return to your optimum movement and physical health. 

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