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Camelback Medical Centers

At our three convenient Camelback Medical Centers locations in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Naperville, we treat patients, not just conditions. Live the healthy, pain-free life you desire.

Our passion

We treat patients,
not just conditions.

We have three convenient locations. Each location has a chiropractor and medical professionals teaming up to diagnose the underlying causes of your pain or injury. Then we collaborate on a treatment plan that puts you on the quickest, most comprehensive pain relief, healing and wellness track for your individual needs.

About Us
Benefits for any age

Full family care.
Multiple convenient locations.

Our chiropractor and medical team treats everyone in the family—from infants, children and teens to parents and grandparents. We integrate chiropractic and medical treatment because most injuries and chronic conditions have complex causes including spinal alignment issues as well as soft tissue damage. We help you live the healthy, pain-free life you desire.


We offer a number of amazing services including diagnostic testing, thorough examinations, food allergy testing, nerve conduction velocity testing, and more. With an accurate diagnosis, our medical professionals can offer you medical care, chiropractic care and many types of therapies to alleviate your pain.

What We Treat

Our multi-discipline professionals utilize various procedures to give you real and long-lasting pain relief. Our professional staff takes an active approach, designing a treatment plan best suited for your medical condition healthcare needs.


Patricia FScottsdale

“I was so anxious to get an adjustment yesterday after having been traveling for 3 weeks. Lugging around suitcase, squising into airplane seats and long car rides really did a number on my back. Today I feel like a new woman- no aches and pains or walking funny because I hurt. THANK YOU!”

Justin D.Scottsdale

“Amazing staff with the best physical therapy and chiropractic care! They will work with you to get you out of pain. I feel like new again! ”

Linda B.Scottsdale

“Absolutely fabulous. The staff is kind, sweet and funny. Dr. Marc Raciti is the BEST!
They will squeeze you in if they can. Always great service. AND VERY CLEAN!!!
ALWAYS A SMILE FOR YOU. I highly recommend them to anyone.”

Jenna R.Scottsdale

“The staff is so professional and supportive. They work with you on scheduling and with my insurance. I would recommend them to everyone I know. Thank you. You all are so special and always with a smile.”

Billy D.Phoenix

“Nothing else to say but these guys rock! Pain relieved quickly and such a great atmosphere, love you guys :-)”

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