Common Causes and Effective Treatments of Shoulder Pain in Naperville

Camelback Medical Centers | Common Causes and Effective Treatments of Shoulder Pain in Naperville

Shoulder pain is a frequent ailment among people of all ages, and it can majorly affect an individual’s standard of living. Shoulder pain can have many root causes, such as injury, overuse, or simple aging. Shoulder pain can be alleviated, and function can be restored with many excellent options available at Camelback Medical Centers in Naperville, Illinois. In this piece, we’ll look at the most typical triggers for shoulder discomfort and the most helpful local physiotherapy in Naperville.

Camelback Medical Centers | Common Causes and Effective Treatments of Shoulder Pain in Naperville


Reasons why your shoulder hurts

Here is a list of all the reasons that can cause pain in your shoulder:

  • Injuries to the rotator cuff: A rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons that stabilize and move the shoulder joint. Rotator cuff injuries are a frequent reason for shoulder pain. They can be caused by an accident, overuse, or wear and tear that comes with aging. Pain, weakness, and a limited range of motion are all signs of a rotator cuff injury.
  • Bursitis: Bursitis is an inflammation of the bursa, a small sac filled with fluid that supports and lubricates joints. Bursitis can happen in the subacromial sac of the shoulder, which is between the rotator cuff and the acromion, which is a bony bump on the shoulder blade. Pain, swelling, and soreness are all signs of bursitis.
  • Tendinitis: It is a tendon disease, the connective tissue between a muscle and a bone. Tendinitis in the shoulder can affect either the biceps tendon (in the front of the shoulder) or the rotator cuff tendons (on the top of the shoulder). Pain, soreness, and stiffness are all signs of tendinitis.
  • Frozen shoulder: Frozen shoulder is also called “adhesive capsulitis,” this disease causes the shoulder joint to stiffen up and hurt. It often happens after being still for a while, like after surgery or an accident. Pain, stiffness, and a limited range of motion are all signs of a frozen shoulder.

Treatments that work for shoulder pain

Some professional treatments that work for shoulder pain are:

  • Physical therapy: Shoulder pain is often treated first with physical therapy in Naperville. A physical therapist can make a unique exercise plan to help the shoulder get stronger, more flexible, and have a wider range of motion. Physical therapy may also use ultrasound, electrical stimulation, heat or ice treatment, and other modalities.
  • Medication: Over-the-counter pain relievers like acetaminophen and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) can help ease shoulder pain. Sometimes, a doctor may recommend stronger painkillers or corticosteroid shots to help reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Rest and ice: Resting and putting ice on the shoulder can help ease pain and swelling. The shoulder can improve if you give it time to rest and avoid doing things that worsen the pain. Several times a day, you can put ice on your shoulder for 15 to 20 minutes at a time.
  • Surgery: Shoulder pain may sometimes need surgery to be fixed. Surgery may be suggested for serious rotator cuff injuries, chronic shoulder instability, or frozen shoulder that doesn’t get better with other treatments. Two types of surgery can be done: arthroscopic surgery, which uses a small camera and instruments, and open surgery, which uses a bigger incision.
  • Chiropractic care: Chiropractors can help to cure neck pain in Naperville by manipulating the spine and using other methods to increase joint mobility, decrease inflammation, and relieve pain. As part of chiropractic care, movements and stretches may help the shoulder work better.
  • Massage therapy: Neck pain specialists in Naperville can help ease muscle tightness and increase blood flow; massage therapy can help relieve shoulder pain. Only professionals can help with shoulder pain in many ways, such as Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, and trigger point treatment.
  • Acupuncture: Acupuncture is a type of alternative medicine in which thin needles are put into certain spots on the body. Acupuncture can help shoulder pain relief in Naperville by increasing blood flow, decreasing inflammation, and causing the body’s natural painkillers to be released.
  • Changes to your lifestyle: Keeping a healthy weight, having good posture, and avoiding doing the same thing repeatedly can help keep shoulder pain from returning. Stopping smoking and drinking less alcohol can also improve your general health and make shoulder pain less likely.

Bottom line 

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