Exploring Treatment Options For Neck Pain From A Neck Pain Specialist In Naperville

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In the US, neck pain is a short-term prevalent condition for many people, but it can last more than six months for certain people, frequently due to inappropriate treatment. The majority of neck pain sufferers try medicine, physical therapy, exercise, and steroid injections to relieve pain. Also, surgery might be a possibility if the discomfort doesn’t go away after trying these conservative methods for a while.

Treatment Options For Neck Pain From A Neck Pain Specialist In Naperville

A few of the treatment options for neck pain in Naperville include the following –

Physical Therapy

Exercises to increase the range of flexibility, motion, and strength in your shoulder and neck may be a part of a physical therapy (PT) program. Also, therapeutic massage and ultrasound treatments can accompany those.

However, most doctors advise beginning with PT as a treatment strategy, depending on the underlying reason for your neck pain. PT is an important part of rehabilitation after therapies for ailments or accidents contributing to neck pain.

Stretches and Exercise

If you suffer from a muscle strain or ligament sprain, hot and cold treatment can help you feel better. You can apply ice to your neck for the first one or two days to minimize swelling and then heat wraps for muscle relaxation. But, use heat and cold therapy only if it is soothing; otherwise, use either heat or ice for 20 minutes at a time.

Your bones, facet joints, or cervical discs may have been harmed if you feel pain for a few days or longer. Also, hot and cold therapy won’t usually work in this case because your condition calls for more forceful treatment.

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Steroid Injections

Epidural steroid injections treat irritated and inflamed nerves in the epidural area surrounding your spinal cord. The anesthetic temporarily stops the nerves from sending pain messages to the brain, while the steroid lowers inflammation. So, when the nerves in the cervical spine are squeezed, epidural steroid injections could relieve pain.

Facet joint injections assist with controlling pain and reducing inflammation, just like epidural steroid injections do. Injections in the area can help you minimize discomfort and endure rehabilitation after a neck injury. Facet joints allow you to flex, twist, and bend your neck without moving it too far in either direction.

Cervical Spinal Fusion

Surgeons may decide to conduct a cervical spinal fusion if neck pain is being caused by spinal instability. During this treatment, screws and bone grafts are used to unite two unstable vertebrae permanently. The bone graft can be obtained from a donor through a bone bank or from a part of your body, usually the hip, and with time, the connected vertebrae eventually fuse.

Spinal Cord Stimulation

Spinal lead stimulation is a pain-free, drug-free method of pain management that inhibits painful nerve signals with a regulated electrical current. This spinal lead stimulation technology has advanced since its introduction in the late 1960s. Also, with the help of these technological advancements, neck pain specialists in Naperville can tailor your treatment to better manage your persistent neck discomfort.

Cervical Radiofrequency Ablation

A relatively painless procedure called radiofrequency ablation employs heat generated by radio waves to block and stop pain-related nerve signals from reaching the brain. The effects of this therapy are not long-lasting, but anesthetic nerve blocks frequently provide pain relief for between nine months and two years, which is usually much longer than anticipated.

Cervical Foraminotomy

The cervical foraminotomy surgery may be suggested by your doctor if it is determined that your pain is caused by a disc herniation pinching the nerve as it exits the spine.

In this case, the foramen, an aperture in the vertebra via which nerves exit the spinal cord, may become smaller as a result of disc herniation. Hence, during this procedure, surgeons may remove all or some of the bone spurs or herniated disc pieces that may be obstructing the foramen space and pressing on the nerve root.

Hence, if you are suffering from neck pain, you can opt for multiple treatment options from a neck pain specialist in Naperville. From the aforementioned treatments, a specialist can select the most suitable treatment depending on your preferences and treatment. 

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