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Camelback Chiropractic Phoenix

Camelback Medical Centers Phoenix

9971 W. Camelback Rd #105

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    Camelback Chiropractic Phoenix

    Welcome to Camelback Chiropractic Phoenix! We invite you to join the thousands of patients who have found pain relief from chiropractic treatment over the 25 years that we have been in business. We are an integrated pain relief clinic offering the best care possible with our English & Spanish speaking chiropractors, medical providers and therapists. Our patients have found relief from lower back pain, sciatica pain, knee pain, neck pain and migraines but they have also found a pathway to wellness with chiropractic’s natural, drug free approach. Whether you have been treated by a chiropractor in the past or if this will be your first time visiting a Camelback Chiropractic Phoenix we are certain that we can change your life for the better!

    How can Camelback Chiropractic & Camelback Medical Centers Phoenix pain clinic improve your quality of life?

    Our team of licensed, experienced chiropractors, medical providers and therapists work together to provide you with a custom healthcare plan. This gives you the best outcome possible by balancing your spine, joints and muscles for long term pain relief. This is done through a combination of chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy and if necessary trigger point injections. In order to keep the spine and joints in alignment once they have been adjusted, we use physical therapy to retrain the muscles.

    How can chiropractors at Camelback Chiropractic Phoenix help you?

    Subluxation is a condition in which the bones of the spine become misaligned, causing pressure on the nerves. This can lead to a variety of problems, including pain, numbness, and weakness. Subluxation can also cause problems with organ function and digestion leading to many acute and chronic illnesses. During an adjustment, the chiropractor applies pressure to the affected area, manipulating the bones back into place. Chiropractic adjustments can help to relieve pressure on the nerves, improve organ function and return the body to a healthy state. This healing process starts by relieving tension and restoring communication between brain activity, nerves and the body to help you to feel better again! However, if left untreated, subluxation can cause serious health problems. Our chiropractors are experienced in several types of adjusting When healthy nerve flow is restored through a chiropractic adjustment, this can provide pain relief from conditions such as:

    • Lower Back Pain
    • Knee pain
    • Neck Pain
    • Migraine Headaches  
    • Tension Headaches
    • Shoulder Pain and Elbow Pain
    • Foot and Ankle Pain
    • Sciatica pain
    • Restless Leg Syndrome
    • Chronic Injuries
    • Car Accident Injuries
    • Work Comp Injuries
    • Many other health problems

    How can the medical providers at Camelback Chiropractic & Camelback Medical Center Phoenix help you?

    Trigger points are painful “knots” or sensitive areas of tight muscles which are often caused by injury or overuse of the muscle. When we have a painful injury, overtime a negative loop begins. We change the way we move our bodies to compensate for the pain and injury which can cause even more problems long term. Chronic pain also causes this negative loop between the injured area and the brain. Chronic pain changes our brain and nervous system over time and the brain learns to continually produce pain messages. Trigger point injections (TPI), can break this pain cycle and get you back to feeling like yourself. Trigger point injections take only a few minutes and may provide you with instant pain relief.

    Come visit Camelback Chiropractic Phoenix for your free consultation today and let us help alleviate your pain symptoms so you can start feeling better!

    What adjusting techniques & services do we offer at Camelback Chiropractic & Camelback Medical Centers Phoenix?

    • Diversified Chiropractic Adjustment
    • Drop Table Chiropractic Adjustment
    • Activator Chiropractic Adjustment
    • Toggle Chiropractic Adjustment
    • SOT (Sacro-Occipital Technique)
    • Gonstead Method
    • Thompson Technique
    • Pregnancy Chiropractic Adjustment
    • Pediatric Chiropractic Adjustment
    • Acupuncture
    • Trigger Point Injections & Joint Injections
    • Supartz (Knee surgery alternative, Knee Rejuvination)
    • SPG (Sphenopalatine Ganglion Block for headaches)
    • Orthotics
    • Lab Testing
    • Nerve Blocks
    • Back Braces, Lumbar Braces, Knee Braces
    • PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)
    • Food Allergy Testing
    • Physiotherapy (Physical Therapy)
    • Stretching
    • Functional Movement Therapy
    • Kinesio Taping
    • Regenerative Medicine
    • Spinal Decompression

    Our Providers

    Phoenix Chiropractor
    Dr. Andrew Hansen DC

    Dr. Andrew started his health career by becoming a certified massage therapist. His first job, out of massage school, was working in a chiropractic office. There he discovered the wide variety of benefits that chiropractic care provides. He continued working as a massage therapist while he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sports Science from the University of Utah. He then proceeded to attend Palmer College of Chiropractic West Campus in San Jose, California. Dr. Andrew enjoys combining the knowledge he has learned from these various learning institutions to provide the best care he can for his patients.

    Dr. Andrew grew up in a small town in Utah and enjoys playing soccer. Him and his wife have three beautiful children that they love spending time with; especially, while exploring the outdoors, hiking, and camping.

    Pain doctor Phoenix
    Scott Lougee PA-C, CSCS

    Scott joined Camelback Medical Centers in 2015. He is a physician assistant certified by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants and licensed to practice medicine in the state of Arizona by the Arizona Regulatory Board of Physician Assistants. He received his Master of Medical Science in Physician Assistant Studies degree from Midwestern University in Glendale, Arizona. Prior to this, he received his Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona. In addition, Scott is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He is a fellow member of the American Academy of Physician Assistants and a professional member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

    Phoenix chiropractor
    Dr. Emmanuel Monroy DC

    Dr. Manny’s interest in health care started during his 12 year career as an elite level gymnast. Injuries are an unfortunate part of being a high level athlete. It was these injuries that allowed him to go through a vast array of healthcare professionals where his interest in helping others began. It was late into his athletic career when he found Chiropractic. Under chiropractic care he was able to function and perform at a higher level and suffered no injuries while under care. It was then when he realized that all bodies have an innate ability to heal through preventative chiropractic care.

    Dr. Manny attended the University of Iowa where he was a division 1 student athlete. His interest in health and well-being led him to receiving a degree in health and human physiology. He decided to further pursue his education and attended the Doctorate of Chiropractic program at Parker University in Dallas, Texas. He looks forward to helping you and your loved ones reach their maximal health potential. Dr. Manny is a fluent Spanish speaking chiropractor!

    Pain Doctor
    Dr. Terry Flander D.O.

    Dr. Terry Flander is a board certified family physician who has been in medical practice 30+ years.   A native Iowan, Dr. Flander and his wife Becky have lived in Scottsdale since 2011.  He has been the supervising physician for Camelback Medical Centers since July of 2017. 

    Upon graduating from Des Moines University (DMU) with his DO degree Dr. Flander practiced family medicine in Iowa.  He also holds a Master’s in Public Health and a Master’s in Health Care Administration from DMU.  Along with practicing medicine, Dr. Flander has worked for a number of large insurance companies.  He is also currently the medical director for numerous Federal Employee Health Benefit Health Plans. 

    Terry and Becky have been married for 40 years, having been high school sweethearts prior to marriage.  They have three grown children and three grandchildren who reside in Iowa.  They enjoy visiting them often.

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