Ask a Scottsdale Chiropractor – Why Does My Back Hurt?

Camelback Medical Centers | Ask a Scottsdale Chiropractor – Why Does My Back Hurt?

Are you one of the many people who live and suffer with chronic low back pain? Our Scottsdale Chiropractors can help. You may think that it’s just a part of your life and there’s nothing you can do about it. Many people live with this kind of pain because they don’t know that there are simple things they can do to relieve it, such as having regular chiropractic treatments.

We here at Camelback Chiropractic & Camelback Medical Centers specialize in providing the best chiropractic care to our patients in Scottsdale and the Phoenix Metro are, and we want you to know that when you’re suffering from low back pain, you don’t have to live with it! Here are a few of the common reasons you might be experiencing back pain, as well as ways that our chiropractors and medical team can help you find the relief you’re looking for.

Poor Posture Can Cause Low Back Pain

Most of us don’t pay much attention to our posture, and unfortunately this can lead to body alignment issues that can cause back pain. Other aspects of your lifestyle can cause your back to hurt as well, such as poor sleep habits and obesity. Changing your diet, your mattress, and the position you choose to sleep in can help alleviate back pain, and regular treatments from a Scottsdale chiropractor can help realign your body for better posture.

Medical Conditions Can Also Lead to Pain

Many chronic health conditions can cause low back pain as well, including fibromyalgia, which can cause multiple sore and tender spots all over the body. If you think that being diagnosed with fibromyalgia means that you simply have to put up with the pain, our team of chiropractors at Camelback Medical Centers want you to know that we can help. Pain from conditions like fibromyalgia can often be better managed with a treatment plan that includes an integrative approach utilizing chiropractic adjustments medical doctors & therapy.

Injuries Can Also Be a Culprit

When you’re in a car accident, sometimes injuries present themselves immediately. Other times, it takes quite a while for you to develop symptoms. Whether you’re in an auto accident, you’ve injured yourself at work or while playing sports, or you’ve simply slipped and fallen, you could be at risk for a pinched nerve or other misalignment that causes you low back pain. Our professional Scottsdale chiropractors can help relieve the pain you’re feeling that’s caused by personal injury.

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