If you are new to Camelback Medical Centers or pain care in general, here are a few things you can expect on your first visit and as you begin treatment.

First or Second Visit to Our Medical Centers

It is very important to fill out a health history during your first visit to Camelback Medical Centers. There are many things your medical provider will be able to see by putting a thorough health history together with your symptoms and the results or your diagnostic tests. When your health history is completed you will meet with your Camelback Medical Centers doctor, who will give you a complimentary consultation to talk about your healthcare concerns with you and what you would like to accomplish along the lines of health goals.

Camelback Medical Centers Handles Accident Injuries

If you have been in an accident, there are very specific considerations that need to be handled initially, to get you on the road back to good health. That process will be different than what we will need to do if you are dealing with chronic medical conditions, as those issues will require specific examinations. If you have back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain or knee pain and need pain relief, your doctor will know where to start with your relief care.

Handling Medical Conditions in Scottsdale & Phoenix

Perhaps you do not know what is wrong and need a medical professional to figure out what all your symptoms mean so you could feel better in general. If your doctor determines x-rays are needed, x-rays will be taken and evaluated. If you currently have car insurance or health insurance, that should cover your visits, be sure to bring your insurance cards or proof, for verification of benefits.

It is on your second visit that your doctor will show you your x-rays, and give you your report of findings and give you your treatment plan and answer any new questions you may have.

Patient Insurance Benefits and Cost Information

When you are wanting some pain relief for your neck pain, back pain, or other medical conditions, and coming to Camelback Medical Centers for your first visit, be sure to print out our New Patient Coupon and come in today for a FREE consultation. When you are hurting, you do not need to worry about the cost of getting better. At Camelback Medical Centers we want to take some of that pressure off and we are happy to offer you a tremendous initial savings.

Print your New Patient Coupon

By printing your New Patient Coupon (see side menu to get yours!) you can use it to make your initial visit FREE. This special offer will cover your consultation, your examination, your x-rays, if and when you need them and your report of findings for FREE! Our goal at Camelback Medical Centers is to take the financial worry out of your integrative medical treatment healthcare.

Have Some Questions?

When you are looking into doing something to improve your health you may have a lot of questions. One question you may have is what will your medical condition care cost. We are dedicated to working with you to accommodate your financial needs. At Camelback Medical Centers we are happy to accept most insurance plans. Bring your insurance benefits card or information with you to your first appointment so our skilled staff members can help you. Other questions you may have are, whether Camelback Medical Centers will take your insurance, and what will your copay be for your appointments and what are your payment options when you do not have any applicable insurance?

Cost Information

It is entirely normal to have all of these questions and typical concerns when you are suffering and want to feel better, but are watching your wallet. There can be a lot of mystery about healthcare, but not at Camelback Medical Centers. At Camelback Medical Centers, you can feel confident that we will answer all of your cost and insurance benefit questions.

Confusing Insurance Plans

We know insurance plans can be confusing but our knowledgeable and welcoming staff will be sure to verify your insurance benefits for you and then they will go over any and all costs with you right up front. In the event that your insurance will not cover a portion or any of your medical care, we will let you know. Do not worry if you do not have insurance benefits because you can still be seen by our medical professionals. It is not necessary to have insurance benefits, to be treated by Camelback Medical Centers’ doctors.

Providing Affordable Medical Care Services

At Camelback Medical Centers, pain management and other services are kept affordable and you can choose from a number of plans to provide for your care including financing. We take most payment types including cash, and checks, and all major credit cards, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover card.

Patient Forms

Save time when arriving for your first appointment and fill out one or both of the forms below.

New Patient Intake Form
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download pdf (125k)

Personal Injury Accident Form
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