When you discover something amazing, it’s only natural to tell your family and friends all about it. But the only way they’ll really know for themselves how wonderful the care is at Camelback Medical Centers is if they experience it for themselves. So now, both of our Phoenix and Scottsdale locations will make referring friends to your chiropractor even more rewarding—with Camel Cash. Whenever you refer a friend, and your friend visits either our Phoenix or Scottsdale offices for chiropractic care or other services, you receive $40 off of any service in our office. It’s just one of the many ways we like to say, “thank you” to our amazing patients!

5 Helpful and Healing Ways to Use Your Camel Cash: Chiropractic Care and More

To be specific, you can use your Camel Cash for any service you need at either of our two locations. This certainly includes any chiropractic care you need, but is definitely not limited to that alone. Here are 5 other ways you might consider using that extra $40:

  1. Massage Therapy—This is one of the most popular uses for Camel Cash besides chiropractic care. And let’s be honest, stress relief is one of the best gifts you can give yourself; for your health and your peace of mind!
  2. Physiotherapy—Recovering from an injury? Take $40 off your next physiotherapy session to stretch, work and feel a whole lot better.
  3. Spinal Decompression—Take a $40 discount on your next spinal decompression appointment so you can overcome bulging or herniated disc pain without surgery.
  4. Regenerative Knee Injections—If knee pain has you hobbled, use your Camel Cash for these restoring, pain-relieving knee injections.
  5. Diagnostic Testing—Do you have a confusing or mysterious health problem? Camel Cash can also be used for a myriad of diagnostic tests we do in both offices. This includes food allergy and intolerance testing, ultrasound tests, nerve conduction testing and many others. So you can use your Camel Cash to get answers, and then get treatment too.

Share Your Phoenix and Scottsdale Chiropractor with a Friend Today

If you’ve had a great experience with your Camelback Medical Centers chiropractor and the rest of our incredible medical team, please feel free to share that experience with your friends and family! And let them know about Camel Cash too! Schedule an appointment or call us for questions anytime at the office nearest you:

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