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Integrative Medicine

Integrative medicine approach that helps patients achieve lasting, healthy pain relief efficiently. We combine expert medical care with chiropractic care, massage therapy and other therapeutic treatment options, all under one roof so that you don’t have to waste time and gas traveling around town for different services you might need for a health problem or injury. It’s all right here. Regenerative medicinal treatments include:

– Trigger Point Injections
– Knee Injections
– Nerve Blocks
– Neurogenx Neuropathy Treatment
– Food Sensitivity Testing

Pregnancy Chiropractor

During pregnancy, a woman’s body changes dramatically to accommodate the growing baby. These changes can hurt sometimes. Fortunately, when pregnancy back pain hits, there is an effective, safe and drug-free solution for relief that not only relieves the pain, but also provides a host of health benefits for mom and baby—prenatal chiropractic care. Schedule an appointment with the Camelback Medical Centers chiropractor Scottsdale, Naperville and Phoenix moms trust for healthy prenatal care.

services pregnancy care
massage therapy - Camelback Medical Centers can treat your pain with our expert massage therapy. Contact one of our locations in Phoenix, Scottsdale, or Naperville, IL.

Massage Therapy & Myofascial Release

Many people still think of massage therapy as a luxury—but a closer look at the benefits demonstrates how essential it is as an regular healthcare modality. Here at Camelback Medical Centers in Phoenix, Naperville and Scottsdale, your chiropractor collaborates with massage therapists to help you get pain relief, recover from an injury, or just improve your health overall.

Our massage therapists are specialists in several different styles of massage they can tailor to your chiropractor’s recommendations. One particular technique we use is Myofascial release, a safe and effective technique that uses gentle, sustained pressure on the Myofascial connective tissue restrictions to get rid of pain and restore movement. Your therapist will have you move into specific positions during massage to release tight knots of tissue, boosting your range of motion and providing excellent pain relief and injury rehabilitation.

Trigger Point Injections

Camelback Medical Centers in Phoenix, Naperville and Scottsdale can use an integrative medicine approach that combines medical care with chiropractic care and massage therapy to help patients find pain relief. This method allows us to customize the best approach for each patient. Options for medical care include:

– Nerve Blocks
– Trigger Point Injections
– Knee Injections
– Food Sensitivity Testing
– Neurogenx Neuropathy Treatment

medical care - Camelback Medical Centers provides trigger point injections and more at our Phoenix and Scottsdale locations

Pain Management

Every patient comes to us with a unique set of injury circumstances that demand individually-tailored pain management solutions. Whether it’s back pain and neck pain, headaches, knee pain, sinus pain, or any other type of chronic pain that hasn’t responded to conventional therapies, your Phoenix, Naperville and Scottsdale chiropractor and medical team can help with a multifaceted approach to relief:

– Chiropractic Care
– Massage Therapy
– Physiotherapy
– Medical Care


Whether you’re recovering from a car accident injury, a sports injury, an everyday personal injury, the long-term impacts of poor posture or ergonomics, or a chronic condition, physiotherapy can help. You can get stronger, move more comfortably and live a better, more active life. Our Scottsdale, Naperville and Phoenix physiotherapy team uses a wide variety of techniques and exercises to help you achieve your individual health goals. Some of these include:

– Therapeutic exercises and stretches
– Neuromuscular treatment
– Physiotherapy massage techniques



Chiropractic Care

Your chiropractor helps you maintain spinal alignment so your nervous system can regulate optimum wellness for your entire body. Your spinal cord travels through your spinal column, but if one or more vertebrae are out of alignment, or if you have a bulging or herniated disc, this can pinch nerves coming out of the spinal cord. Pain and dysfunction anywhere in the body is often related to a “subluxation” (misalignment of vertebrae) that pinches nerves responsible for controlling that part of the body.

Chiropractic care routinely relieves cases of sciatic nerve impingement (lower back pain combined with leg pain), back pain, neck pain, bulging and herniated disc injury and much more.

Car Accident Care

If you’ve been in an automobile accident that created obvious injuries like cuts, bruises or broken bones, you know to seek medical care immediately. However, the majority of car wreck situations seem minor initially—like getting rear-ended at a stoplight.

Our chiropractors provide care after car accidents for whiplash and other spinal injuries, which can present themselves hours or days after the accident. This is why, even if you thought the wreck was minor, you should seek chiropractic care as soon as possible.

It is very important not to delay treatment for any auto accident injury as treatment provides faster pain relief and rehabilitation if it happens soon after the injury occurred.

chiropractor care after car accident - Camelback Medical Centers can treat pain caused by car accidents. Contact one of our locations in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Naperville, IL
Kinesiology treatment - Camelback Medical Centers can treat your body pain with kinesiology. Contact one of our locations in Phoenix, Scottsdale, or Naperville, IL.

Kinesio Taping

Our Kinesio Taping specialist works with your chiropractor to provide maximum injury pain relief treatment, whether you got an injury swinging a bat or swinging groceries out of the car.

Our specialist can apply the tape to just about any muscle or group of muscles to help them heal and recover from an injury. The Kinesio Tape we use is hypoallergenic, breathable and water tough. You can wear it for several days, exercise with it, work with it and shower with it on before new tape needs to be reapplied. Once your injury has recovered, we can simply and easily remove it.

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