Medical Conditions We Treat at Camelback Medical Centers

Our multi-discipline professionals utilize various procedures to give you real and long-lasting headache, back pain and other medical condition pain relief using: chiropractic treatments, headache, back pain and other pain management, medical care, massage therapy, physiotherapy, and spinal decompression. At Camelback Medical Centers, our professional staff takes an active approach, designing a headache, back pain and other pain treatment plan, best suited for your medical condition healthcare needs.


At Camelback Medical Centers, you will find trained professionals, who can determine whether or not your pain is coming from your neck, your upper back or jaw, to give you headache relief. Did you know almost all headaches actually come from pinched nerves in your neck, or even your upper back or jaws? You are in the the right place for headache relief!


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Wrist Pain

Most sufferers do not know their chiropractor treats carpal tunnel syndrome effectively, but they do! Multi-discipline treatments including chiropractic along with physiotherapy have proven to be the most successful non-invasive treatment for carpal tunnel symptoms. Carpal tunnel symptoms are caused when a nerve gets pinched in your wrist. Interestingly, people who suffer with carpel tunnel almost always have neck problems, too. When you have wrist pain and or carpal tunnel syndromes, get them checked out by Camelback Medical Centers doctors.


Elbow Pain

Why is it called tennis elbow? You may suffer from what is called tennis elbow and not even play tennis! Tennis elbow and most elbow problems are due to repetitive motions, like swinging a hammer, or other tool or mechanical motion or even simply driving a stick shift. Any type of physical action creating a bio-mechanical problem in your elbow can create elbow pain. A thorough multi-discipline approach with both chiropractic and orthopedic evaluation can help your doctor recognize whether or not your elbow pain is actually coming directly from your elbow or from some other place.


Shoulder Pain

When your shoulder hurts, your pain may come from several sources. You may have torn your rotator cuff, which is often the assumption people make when their shoulders hurt. There are many causes for shoulder pain which are not due to a torn rotator cuff. The doctors at Camelback Medical Centers will not only find your trouble but help you get your shoulder back in shape as quickly as possible.


Neck Pain

Most of your neck pain probably comes from your back, which is where you feel tightness in your muscles. A massage sounds like the ticket and is a great help, but if your problem is in your back, you will need more than a healing massage to get lasting relief.


Back Pain

An astounding 80 percent of American adults have back pain. Back pain comes from all kinds of issues from bones out of alignment to injuries and even problems with internal organs. At Camelback Medical Centers we take care of these issues and many more using chiropractic treatments, physiotherapy and massage therapy.


Other Pain and Health Issues

In addition to headaches, wrist pain, elbow pain, shoulder pain, neck pain and back pain, at Camelback Medical Centers, we also treat knee pain, restless leg syndrome (RLS), leg pain, sciatica and many other issues affecting our patients. We treat those injured on the job and those who have been in car accidents and we treat older patients on fixed incomes, babies and children and everyone in between. You will find your headache, back pain and other medical condition pain care at Camelback Medical Centers, is exactly what you need to get your life back, pain free.