5 Reasons to Visit Your Chiropractor this Holiday Season

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As we near the busiest time of the Holiday Season, Camelback Medical Centers is here to remind you why it’s important to take care of yourself and not just those around you! We have listed the top 5 reasons why you should continue to see your CMC Chiropractor in Phoenix or Scottsdale as you prepare for the holidays.


Holidays are stressful. Family fun and disagreements couple with the headache of purchasing the perfect gifts for our loved ones. Traveling through packed and delayed airports, driving in adverse weather conditions, or even spending this time of year alone adds extra stress for many of us. Our bodies deal with stress by tensing up resulting in headaches, back pain, neck and shoulder tension, jaw tension, stomach aches, and various other symptoms. Visit your Chiropractor to prevent these aches and pains or if you are already experiencing this, come on in to our Phoenix or Scottsdale locations and we will get you ready to celebrate the holidays as pain-free as possible!

Cold & Flu

This time of year many are struggling with the sniffles, cough, chills, and fogginess. We spend a greater amount of time indoors, reducing Vitamin-D exposure, and as mentioned before, are experiencing higher stress levels that result in weaker immune systems. Did you know that Chiropractic adjustments can help balance the nervous system, enhance the immune system, and improve lymphatic flow? This could mean decreased nasal drainage, head pressure, soreness in the throat, and feelings of exhaustion. Stay healthy this season by visiting your Phoenix or Scottsdale locations regularly!

Depression and Feelings of Sadness

Less sunlight means less Vitamin D for our bodies. In addition to the stress we feel, depression during the winter months is common among Americans. Treatments performed by our Scottsdale and Phoenix Chiropractors impact the nervous system by stabilizing the spinal cord and cerebral spinal fluid. With our bodies in balance, fewer aches and pains, and having all of our systems operating properly, depression is far less likely to develop. Don’t get down this season, get regular visits and feel better mentally and physically!

Detox and Digestion

Halloween and Thanksgiving came and went but many of us are still gorging on those holiday cookies, treats, candies, alcohol and other goodies. After a long season of more frequent meals, larger portion sizes, and foods packed with extra sugar and fat, our bodies need a thorough detox to get back to a regular digestive process. Chiropractic has a big impact on our digestion because it relates to the nervous system, which in turn controls the communication sent from our nerves to our stomach and intestines. Adjustments help normalize the digestive system and keep things running efficiently. Visit CMC in Scottsdale or Phoenix to help your body eliminate toxins from the holiday season in a safe and natural way.

New Year’s Resolution

Last year Weight Loss was found to be the #1 New Year’s Resolution for Americans but only 46% maintained their efforts for at least 6 months (New Years Resolution Statistics- University of Scranton). Is your goal this year to lose some extra pounds? Maybe they arrived during the holiday season or maybe they were there all year. Either way your Chiropractor can help you kick start a new workout regime while staying safe and injury-free. If you plan to begin a new form of exercise, regular weight lifting, or intense body work such as Crossfit, stop in to Camelback Medical Centers in Phoenix or Scottsdale and visit with one of our Doctors. They can help evaluate your body for the type and amount of exercise you should start with as well as diagnose any unknown weaknesses in your back, hips, or legs that could be made worse by increased movement and weight lifting. Additionally, CMC now has the Synergy Weight Loss Program at our Scottsdale location (coming soon to Phoenix!). Comprised of exercise, nutrition, and behavior modification strategies, Synergy also uses FDA approved medications to suppress your appetite, give you energy, and burn fat. To learn more about Synergy and to receive a coupon for $100 off a Start Up Package, click here: Synergy Weight Loss Program.

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