Trigger Point Injections in Phoenix and Scottsdale for Pain and Injury Relief

Trigger points are tight, sensitive muscle knots that hinder movement, cause radiating pain and twitch when pressed on. A trigger point can develop in muscles that stay tense for long periods of time—this type of tissue injury can happen anywhere in your body. Camelback Medical Centers in Phoenix and Scottsdale provide trigger point pain relief injections that resolve these points. We often use them in conjunction with chiropractic care and physiotherapy techniques for a quicker return to wellness.

Trigger Point Treatment Alleviates Many Conditions

Tight, twitchy trigger points can aggravate other conditions your chiropractor may be helping you resolve, including:

Your chiropractor and medical team here at Camelback Medical Centers will diagnose a trigger point by hand. Touching a true trigger point causes radiating pain and a local twitch at the site.

How Does a Trigger Point Injection Work?

One of our medical team members inserts a very thin needle directly into the trigger point. The injection includes a local anesthetic, an anti-inflammatory or a homeopathic remedy. The ratio of each medical pain relief injection is optimized to alleviate pain quickly, stabilize the injury site for more effective physiotherapy and chiropractic care, and accelerate your return to health.

What to Expect from Trigger Point Injections

Most patients feel minimal to no discomfort as the injection goes in, but fast pain relief as the injection takes effect. Occasional bruising, redness or soreness can appear for 1-4 days; applying ice provides relief for these temporary side effects. The majority of patients then experience more effective chiropractic treatment and faster injury recovery once the trigger point is gone.

Other Pain Relief Injections in Phoenix and Scottsdale

Camelback Medical Centers is eager to speed pain relief and promote optimal health for all of our patients with the latest technology available. In addition to trigger point injections, we also provide specialized knee rejuvenation injections and platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections that restore and regenerate damaged tissues at the cellular level.

Schedule an appointment to discuss your injury recovery or wellness and pain relief needs with your Camelback Medical Centers chiropractor at the location nearest you today: