When it comes to sports nutrition, no two athletes have identical needs—even if both eat the same highly-nutritious training diet. Each athlete will absorb different levels of macro- and micronutrients depending on everything from past injury and cellular function needs to genetics and training habits. This is why your chiropractor and medical care team at Camelback Medical Centers in Scottsdale and Phoenix offer technologically-advanced, individually-tailored sports nutrition testing from SpectraCell.

Sports Nutrition Tailored for Training, Performance and Pain and Injury Relief

As an athlete, you know you need optimal levels of macronutrients like carbs, fats and proteins, as well as micronutrients like vitamins and minerals to promote optimal circulation, muscle recovery and cellular regeneration. This is particularly true for pain relief and recovery after a sports injury. Yet, depending on a wide range of factors impacting how the body absorbs nutrients, the supplements and food you ingest may not be providing you with optimum nutrition. Sports nutrition testing is essential so that you can get tailored nutrition recommendations based on how your body absorbs nutrients during training, injury treatment and competition.

How Does Sports Nutrition Testing Help?

SpectraCell individual sports nutrition testing evaluates your absorption rates of 33 different macro- and micronutrients in the body, and how well your body actually uses what it absorbs. Just a few of the nutrients we test include:

  • B vitamins—Boost red blood cell production, cellular recovery and cellular energy production
  • Vitamin C—Protects cells from oxidative stress during high stress and physical activity
  • Folic acid—Important for improving vascular circulation
  • Omega 3 fatty acids—Essential for concussion and muscle injury recovery
  • Coenzyme Q10—Impacts cellular energy production and regeneration
  • Glutamine—Proper levels help skeletal muscles recover and boost immune function

This is just a small sampling of the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and macronutrients we can test for in our chiropractic care centers. Armed with the knowledge about how well your body absorbs and uses these nutrients, we can develop a sports nutrition plan that optimizes every aspect of your training, performance, injury recovery and pain relief needs.

Talk with Your Chiropractor about Sports Nutrition Testing

When you come in for chiropractic care or training advice,  ask your chiropractor about our SpectraCell sports nutrition testing and how it can help you with injury treatment, pain relief and boosting your training and performance abilities:

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  • Scottsdale: (480)945-0008