No Surgery: Knee Injections for Fast Recovery from Knee Pain and Injury

Camelback Medical Centers in Scottsdale and Phoenix provide revolutionary knee pain treatment that speeds recovery from knee injury and tissue damage—no surgery needed. In addition to the structural chiropractic care provided by your chiropractor to take stress off of this joint, we provide outpatient medical knee injections using elastoviscous hyaluronan, PRP therapy (platelet rich plasma) and AmnioFix stem cell magnet therapy for fast knee pain relief.

Knee Injections for Fast, No Surgery Pain Relief and Recovery

Camelback Medical Centers uses a medically-advanced combination of knee injections, including elastoviscous hyaluronan, PRP and/or stem cell magnet serums. Your chiropractor and physician will examine and diagnose which combination of knee injections would bring you a total, fast knee injury recovery. In addition to knees, these injections can also be used to regenerate and heal other damaged tissues. We use ultrasound to guide the needles as we perform the injections so the elastoviscous hyaluronan, PRP or stem cell magnet treatment goes directly into the exact tissues that require healing.

PRP Knee Injection Treatment

During a PRP knee injection treatment, we draw your blood, then spin it in a centrifuge to concentrate the platelets, growth factors and plasma into a rich, recovery serum. We inject this serum directly into the knee injury site. These knee injections accelerate cellular healing in knee tissues so that you can avoid knee surgery.

AmnioFix Stem Cell Knee Injection Treatment

Our AmnioFix stem cell magnet knee injection treatment uses amniotic stem cell magnets. The human amniotic membrane comprises the innermost layer of the placenta and lines the amniotic cavity. AmnioFix is processed through the proprietary PURION Process that combines cleaning dehydration and sterilization of the stem cell magnets. These are then injected into the injury site. These amniotic stem cell magnets regenerate damaged tissue, stimulating the formulation of fresh, new tissue to speed knee recovery—no surgery needed.

Elastovisous Hyaluron Knee Injections

This treatment injects a special, lubricating fluid into stiff, sore knee joints. It is particularly helpful for knees with osteoarthritis as it improves the knee’s range of motion and shock absorbing abilities.

Avoid Knee Surgery with Knee Regeneration Treatment in Phoenix and Scottsdale

By concentrating and injecting AmnioFix, elastoviscous hyaluronan and PPR serums precisely into your injured knee tissues, we accelerate healing so that no surgery is required. If you are a good candidate for this therapy, you will need some outpatient appointments for full knee recovery.

Schedule an appointment with your Scottsdale or Phoenix chiropractor and medical team at Camelback Medical Centers nearest you to ask about our no surgery knee pain relief treatment today:

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