Your Chiropractor and Physician Collaborate for Pain Management

Carpel Tunnel wrist pain needs pain management.At Camelback Medical Centers in Phoenix and Scottsdale, your chiropractor and medical specialist work as a team to find long-term pain management treatment solutions that help our patients find relief and boost their quality of life overall.

Complementary Pain Management Solutions for Injury and Chronic Pain

Every patient comes to us with a unique set of injury circumstances that demand individually-tailored pain management solutions. Whether it’s back pain and neck pain, headaches, knee pain, sinus pain, or any other type of chronic pain that hasn’t responded to conventional therapies, your Phoenix and Scottsdale chiropractor and medical team can help with a multifaceted approach to relief:

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care provides relief for many musculoskeletal conditions that cause chronic pain. Yes, it helps with neck pain and back pain; relieving subluxations in the spine releases pinched nerves that can impact any area of the body, providing long-term injury and pain relief.

Massage Therapy

Massage and chiropractic care complement each other for chronic pain relief—as we retrain the spine for optimum nervous system function, massage therapy reconditions soft tissues, reduces inflammation and improves circulation and range of motion.


In conjunction with chiropractic care and massage, Physiotherapy (PT) can help you overcome injury and chronic pain by retraining and strengthening weak areas, improving balance and helping you avoid future injury.

Medical Care

Camelback Medical Centers in Scottsdale and Phoenix accelerate the pain relief effects of chiropractic care, massage and PT. Your medical specialist works with your chiropractor to craft a treatment plan that not only helps long-term, but provides pain relief as quickly and effectively as possible—today. Depending on your condition, some of our medical treatment options include:

  • Non-steroidal injections improve and accelerate relief and healing at the point of pain or injury
  • Knee injections help heal and improve range of motion for knee injury pain
  • Sphenopalatine ganglion (SPG) spray provides effective headache and migraine relief
  • Trigger point injections accelerate the healing of painful, tight trigger points in the muscles

By combining several appropriate treatment modalities at once, your chiropractor and doctor can collaborate to provide far more effective, long-term pain management than you’ve experienced anywhere else.

Beat Chronic Pain, Call Your Chiropractor

Contact the Camelback Medical Centers’ chiropractor or healthcare specialist nearest you to schedule an appointment for pain management and long-term relief and healing!