Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment in Phoenix and Scottsdale: Neurogenx

Millions of Americans suffer a nerve damage condition called peripheral neuropathy. Symptoms include burning pain, tingling, excessive sensitivity, numbness and muscle weakness, often in the hands and feet, but also other areas of the body. Until now, treatment options were limited, but Camelback Medical Centers in Phoenix and Scottsdale have had great success providing lasting peripheral neuropathy pain relief with Neurogenx.

What is Peripheral Neuropathy?

Peripheral nerves control function and sensation across your body (hands, feet, etc.). They communicate with nerves from the spinal cord, which communicate directly with the brain. Peripheral neuropathy refers to nerve damage from injury, infection, disease or metabolic conditions like diabetes. Treating the underlying injury or disease helps, but the peripheral nerves also require treatment—That’s where Neurogenx comes in.

Multifaceted Peripheral Neuropathy Pain Relief: Chiropractic Care and Neurogenx

Non-invasive Neurogenx treatment uses specialized electrode patches delivering a specific electronic wavelength pulse deep into peripheral nerve tissues, stimulating cellular regeneration. These impulses boost cellular metabolism, correct pH balance and remove inflammatory waste products. Treatment sessions take place over 4-6 weeks; most patients notice significant pain relief between 3 or 4 treatment sessions. This non-invasive treatment combines well with chiropractic care, which improves overall nervous system function and healing.

Our Camelback Medical Centers chiropractor and medical team also work to relieve the underlying causes of your peripheral neuropathy, helping you with nutritional counseling, medical care, and other treatments to boost your overall health and healing. By combining treatment modalities and addressing the nerve damage from multiple angles, we can provide the fastest symptom relief, wellness and quality of life improvement.

Discuss Peripheral Neuropathy Relief with Your Chiropractor Today

To find out if Neurogenx is the right peripheral neuropathy relief treatment for you, schedule an appointment with your Phoenix or Scottsdale chiropractor at Camelback Medical Centers today. You can discuss your symptoms, and your chiropractor will examine your needs and collaborate with our medical team to develop a treatment plan to accelerate your healing. If you are a good candidate for Neurogenx, our medical staff will schedule and provide your sessions, often in conjunction with other treatments such as chiropractic care, massage therapy or pain relief injections.

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