What to do about that pain in the Neck

If the “pain in the neck” you talk about is your own, it may be time to take action. No matter what the cause, eliminating that particular complaint can be a lasting gift.

Whether you are a victim of a car crash or simply feel discomfort after a restless night’s sleep, our chiropractors can offer relief. In addition, our individualized treatment offers lasting benefits through non-invasive procedures that address your total physical condition and set you on the path toward lifetime wellness.

Treating the Whole Person

Neck and back pain, headaches, muscle aches and nerve pain that many people attribute to overwork, stress and exertion may all be related. Spinal compression or misalignment are often overlooked. Following an injury, when the cause is evident, treating the pain immediately may alleviate future problems. Our multidisciplinary approach to diagnosis as well as treatment sets Camelback Medical Centers apart from others.

Neck pain is often the result of traumatic impact, such as whiplash. But it does not always manifest immediately.  The cause may also be overlooked: Repetitive movement, sleeping without proper pillow support, or long hours spent in front of a computer screen can all be culprits. The small bones of the neck are part of the body’s “backbone,” and are known as the cervical spine.  Spinal compression or disc problems in other areas can contribute to related problems or pain in the cervical area as well.

Our doctors employ a threefold approach: First, we assess your current condition, take a full medical history, perform a comprehensive examination, and complete additional tests as necessary. We treat your immediate complaint as quickly as possible.

Getting Well, Staying Well with Treatment

The second phase involves corrective and restorative treatment. This ongoing care includes varied techniques in a personal regimen designed to facilitate healing. Some we find successful include:

The third phase of our comprehensive care leads to ongoing maintenance and personal lifestyle management.

Our ultimate goal is to promote lifetime wellness. To do so, we embrace modern technology as well as time-tested interdisciplinary methods. We partner with our patients to achieve that goal, without the need to rely on drugs or resort to invasive surgery.

To ease your neck pain, call either our Scottsdale or Phoenix Medical Center & Chiropractor Office to schedule a consultation with our chiropractors.