Back pain effects your life daily and can disturb your sleep. Get back pain relief!

Integrative Medical Care for Pain Relief in Phoenix and Scottsdale

Camelback Medical Centers in Phoenix and Scottsdale use an integrative medicine approach to help patients achieve lasting, healthy pain relief efficiently. We combine expert medical care with chiropractic care, massage therapy and other therapeutic treatment options, all under one roof so that you don’t have to waste time and gas traveling around town for different services you might need to deal with a health problem or injury. It’s all right here.

Medical and Chiropractic Care Meld for the Best Pain Management

Here’s an example of how our integrative medical care works: After a car accident, you likely need immediate medical care. But you would also benefit from visiting a chiropractor who can realign the vertebrae in your neck and back that were jostled during the accident. You would probably also like to see a massage therapist to help with musculoskeletal stiffness and pain. You can access medical care, chiropractic care, massage and a host of other pain management treatments in one place at Camelback Medical Centers, including:

Trigger Point Injections

This treatment injects relief directly into trigger points—painful knots of muscle tissue that refuse to relax and can send pain shooting to surrounding areas, even when touched. These injections provide immediate relief and help relax the muscle so the trigger point can resolve.

Regenerative Knee Injections

These injections help restore healthy function, range of motion and pain relief to one of the hardest-working joints of the body.

Nerve Blocks

We can use nerve blocks both to diagnose certain conditions and to provide immediate, welcome pain relief in difficult-to-treat problems, particularly in the back and neck.

Neurogenx Neuropathy Treatment

A breakthrough treatment for people struggling with neuropathy, we can now relieve even severe nerve pain in the feet, hands, arms and legs with Neurogenx.

Food Sensitivity Testing

Undiagnosed food sensitivities are a pervasive cause of pain, obesity, behavioral and mood problems and fatigue. By testing for and eliminating the offending foods, we can treat the root causes of many medical problems.

Medical Staff Working with Your Chiropractor = Relief!

For immediate relief, lasting healing and a better quality of life overall, come to a place where your medical team, chiropractor and other therapists collaborate to treat you as a whole person!

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