Call Your Chiropractor for Facet Syndrome Back Pain Relief

The spine’s facet joints ordinarily enable easy, fluid movement between each vertebrae, making it easy for you to bend and twist your back and neck. Facet syndrome is a specific type of osteoarthritis that can occur anywhere along the spine, causing pain and stiffness when trying to do normal activities where bending and twisting occur. Your Phoenix and Scottsdale chiropractor can evaluate and diagnose your specific type of back pain and make a recommendation for gentle and effective pain relief treatment.

Chiropractic Care for Facet Syndrome Relief

Facet syndrome, like other forms of osteoarthritis, comes from inflammation and deterioration of the joints. The joint cartilage is worn down and stress from spinal misalignments (either due to injury or poor posture habits) aggravates the joints further. This leads to joint pain and inflammation. Typically, chiropractic care for facet syndrome has to be very gentle, and there are several other treatment options we can offer in conjunction with gentle spinal adjustments:

  • Chiropractic adjustments—Our chiropractor can use precise, gentle spinal adjustment techniques to help realign the spine to remove pressure from the facet joints.
  • Medical care—Our medical team collaborates with your chiropractor to provide you ways to feel better faster as you undergo longer-term therapies that correct the root problems behind your facet syndrome pain.
  • Massage therapy—As the joints struggle, so do your spine’s supporting soft tissues like muscles, tendons and ligaments. In fact, long-standing poor posture and soft tissue injury strains can aggravate the joints as well. Massage therapy relaxes musculoskeletal tensions, improves circulation and reduces inflammation to help support healing and provide pain relief naturally.
  • Physiotherapy—We can apply a host of techniques to further your healing, including coaching you as you learn specific exercises and stretches that can strengthen and stabilize your core muscles so they better support your spine.

By combining these treatment options, our chiropractic and medical teams can help you overcome facet syndrome faster so that you can get back to living an active lifestyle.

Talk to Your Phoenix and Scottsdale Chiropractor about Facet Syndrome Relief

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