Are your employees struggling with stress? Statistics from the American Psychological Association indicate that 65 percent of your staff is probably stressed out—and less than half of them are handling it well. Stress can lower productivity, dent morale and keep your best talent at home sick, in pain, or in the doctor’s office instead of using their talents.

Now for the good news: Your Camelback Medical Centers chiropractor can bring stress relief right into your office with our “Pamper Your Staff” sessions! Sign your team up and we’ll send one of our amazing licensed massage therapists to give you all chair massages and sign everyone on the team up for a free wellness visit at one of our Scottsdale or Phoenix locations!

Stress-induced distractions can cause injury. Too much stress can cause headaches and migraines. Too much stress can cause poor posture which can lead to everything from back pain, neck pain and arm pain to stomach aches and a weakened immune system. Stress causes arguments. Stress is not helping your team its potential!

A little in-office massage therapy, however, can help everyone relax, feel better and focus better. Introducing them to chiropractic care with a free wellness visit with our chiropractor can help everyone on your team improve their health and wellness so they’re better able to get the job done when they’re back at work. Best of all, signing your team up for a “Pamper Your Staff” sessions with us boosts collaboration and loyalty—if they know you care, they’re more likely to go the extra mile and achieve company goals and long-term objectives.

It’s really a win-win all around. Decrease stress and you decrease pain. Decrease stress and you help everyone feel better. People who feel better work better. People who are relaxed and focused after a bit of chair massage therapy are ready to go!

To sign your team up for a “Pamper Your Staff” day and wellness visit, contact your chiropractor at our Camelback Medical Centers location closest to you today:

And let us know about stress in your office: How has it affected your team? What work relaxation tips would you share? Let us know:

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