5 Reasons to Visit Your Chiropractor this Holiday Season

As we near the busiest time of the Holiday Season, Camelback Medical Centers is here to remind you why it’s important to take care of yourself and not just those … read more

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Our Chiropractors in Scottsdale

Our teams at Camelback Medical Centers provide chiropractic treatments for people of all ages—no matter who you are or what you do, we want you to know that our chiropractic … read more

Scottsdale Chiropractic Advice to Improve Your Posture

We here at Camelback Medical Centers know that to maintain good musculoskeletal health, you need to have good posture. Many people don’t focus on the way they sit, stand, and … read more

How Phoenix, AZ Chiropractors Can Help Long-Term Health

You may know that going to see a chiropractor can lead to immediate pain relief caused by a variety of issues, including posture and personal injury, but you should also … read more

Ask a Scottsdale Chiropractor – Why Does My Back Hurt?

If you’re one of the many people who live and suffer with chronic low back pain, you may think that it’s just a part of your life and there’s nothing … read more

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